Our Story

Tyler Garrison is an English Teacher, poet and novelist. His mother always taught him the importance of language and he earned his English degree in 2006.
The year 2005
The idea for the E.T. Ball began in the classroom of a senior level Political Science course at Colorado State University. Tyler discussed political philosophies with his professor Dr. Eric Ishiwata and declared, “The only way to compare every political philosophy would require writing it on a ball.” A styrofoam ball displaying the sameness and difference between contrasting political philosophies is still packed away in Tyler’s storage.
The year 2016
The idea of writing on a ball returned to Tyler at a Colombian high school. This time the subject was English grammar, not politics. He worked out the basic concept but didn’t realize it would be most effective as a comprehensive tense learning tool.
The year 2021
The idea returned to Tyler while teaching in Taiwan business English school. The Chinese language doesn’t have tenses so his students struggled. Tyler realized that the ball he created in Colombia could be a fun and creative to teach the 12 tenses, but students would also need to know how to use each tense. He wrote The Simple Little Book on English Tenses which displays another highly creative teaching method. By plugging pictures into a timeline, students could visualize when and how to use each tense. Students loved Tyler’s first models and encouraged him develop it into a product. When Tyler found out he was going to be a father, he knew it was time to share his creation with the world.